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Russian Federation


Moscow gradually reunified the surrounding Russian principalities and came to dominate the cultural and political legacy of Kievan Rus'. By the 18th century, the nation had greatly expanded through conquest, annexation and exploration to become the huge Russian Empire


Moscow is the capital and the largest city of Russia. It is the country's political, economic, religious, financial, educational and transportation centre

Leningrad Oblast

Leningrad Oblast is bordered by Finland in the northwest, Estonia in the west, as well as five federal subjects of Russia: Republic of Karelia in the northeast, Vologda Oblast in the east, Novgorod Oblast in the south, Pskov Oblast in the southwest, and Saint Petersburg it surrounds.

Novgorod Oblast

Novgorod Oblast is a federal subject of Russia, located between Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg

The city's other names were Petrograd and Leningrad. It is often called just Petersburg