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South Hesse

South Hesse

Darmstadt is one of the three Regierungsbezirke of Hesse, Germany, located in the south of the state


Darmstadt is located in the southern part of the Rhine Main Area.


The district Darmstadt-Dieburg surrounds the district-free city of Darmstadt.


The city is at the centre of the larger Frankfurt Rhine Main Region Germany's second largest metropolitan area.


The district is located in the upper Rhine valley. The river Main forms the northern boundary of the district, the river Rhine the western border. In the east the Odenwald mountains rise at the district boundary.


The district Hochtaunuskreis covers the Taunus mountains.


The Bergstraße is a tourist route which leads from Darmstadt to Wiesloch; the northern part of this route goes through the district and gave it its name.


A large part of this very urbanised district is wooded. The river Main is a part of the northern border of the district.


The district was created in 1974 by merging the former districts of Hanau, Schlüchtern, Gelnhausen and the former urban district of Hanau. The district got its name from the two main rivers. The Main in the south-west corner of the district. The Kinzig, a tributary of the Main, flows all through the district.


As the name of the district already suggests it is located in the Odenwald mountains.


The district was created in 1977 by merging the Rheingau and Untertaunus districts. It covers the western part of the Taunus mountains. The river Rhine forms the district's border in the south.


Wiesbaden is famous for its thermal springs and spa. Use of the thermal springs is first documented by the Romans