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Historical places, monuments, zoos, aquaria, museums and art galleries, botanical gardens, buildings and structures (e.g., castles, libraries, former prisons, skyscrapers, bridges), national parks and forests, theme parks and carnivals, ethnic enclave communities, historic trains and cultural events.

Central Europe

Central Europe is the region lying between the variously and vaguely defined areas of Eastern and Western Europe.

Northern Europe

The term 'Nordic' or 'Northern' is commonly used to mean counries of Northern Europe. These are Finland, Iceland. Denmark, Norway, and Sweden

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe refers to a geopolitical region recently influenced by the Cold War. It contains European countries of the former "Eastern Bloc"

Southern Europe

The Alps and Massif Central mountains constitute a physical barrier between Italy and France and the rest of Europe.

Western Europe

Western Europe was one of two major spheres of Post-war Europe